Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Split Personality

Now this is a cool idea. It`s an electric car you could use to ride into the city with a spouse or friend. The difference is that when you get there and have to go your separate ways, voila, you separate the car into two motorcycles.

It`s called the Lane Splitter. And it was envisioned in a brainstorming session at argodesign in Texas after a guy named Mark Wilson of Fast Company came to them with a rough idea he`d used as a concept in a video series Creative Director for the Day. He wanted to come up with real design he could take to the New York Auto Show.

Don`t expect to see the Lane Splitter on the roads any time soon. It`s still a concept with a lot of technical problems to be solved such as how the two motorcycles would be securely coupled and how a motorcycle with one flat side and one curved side would perform to name two.  But it`s fun to imagine the freedom it would offer. And, hey, all innovations have to start somewhere.

Photos: argodesign


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