Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Helmets and Religion

In the array of problems with getting people to wear helmets, even religion can be a sticking point. In India, helmets were optional for women in the past because of complaints from the Sikh community that women could not wear anything on their heads but scarves or turban. Sixty-three women died in motorcycle accidents in Delhi last year according to a blog published on the Wall Street Journal India site. The blog reports that although men make up the majority of riders a disproportionate number of women die or suffer head injuries. So the rules changed; women without helmets will be fined unless they are Sikh. It's now up to women to prove they are Sikh when they are stopped by the police.

In this year's road safety week in India (January 11- 17) transport officials have made mandatory helmets part of their platform,

Regional Transport Officer Bhadru Nayak speaking to press                                Picture from Hans India

And, as part of a month-long campaign to make riders and car drivers more conscious of safety, police gave more than 200 helmets away on January 3 to two-wheel riders who didn't have one in an event called Joy of Giving. Riders obeying the law got pens and flowers. Officials are certainly trying to get helmets on as many heads as they can.

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