Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My Bolder Counterparts

I love my scooter and, in the midst of a miserable winter in Toronto, I wish each day that I could walk out of my house in a light jacket and get on my Vino 125 and just ride. One of the appeals of the scooter is its connection to warm weather; it's not just the freedom of the scooter's movement I crave right now but the carefree way I can just exit my door during the scooter season.

I love my scooter but if I were more bold now and had been younger when I first learned to ride a motorcycle I might still own one. But I could just never got the hang of it before hitting an age when awareness of the fragility of life set in like quick-set cement. So I'm passing on this salute to the women who are bolder, younger and ride real bikes... a photo exhibition by motorcycle enthusiast Lana McNaughton.


©Lanakila MacNaughton
East Side Moto Babes - Los Angeles, CA                             

Photo by: 
Lanakila (Lana) MacNaughton

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