Friday, 15 November 2013

Macho scooters

I love this story.

For decades, motorcycles got a tough-guy boost from the image of motorcycle cops. In Hollywood movies, police officers roared down desert roads and through city streets after bad guys on powerful, customized motorcycles. There was something extra macho about the cops who rode bikes rather than sit back in cruisers. I bet no one made doughnut jokes about them.

And check out this youtube video from Italy in the fifties ....a show by police on motorcycles that will remind Canadians of the musical ride of our own Royal Mounted Police. (Only our guys rode horses.)

But with the introduction of high-powered scooters, police in Europe have apparently been quietly adding them to their fleet.

And now it's official. Next week, at Milipol 2013 in Paris, BMW will introduce for the first time a fully-equipped 600 cc police scooter.

Milipol is an biennial show for those in the "internal security" business. It's a gathering of companies promoting the latest in high-tech stuff to those who buy for institutions of authority... like the police. No wimps here. But there will be scooters. And I hope people, like the boys in India who eschew scooters as too girly, will take note.
                                                                                      Pictures below are from BMW

BMW at Milipol 2013

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