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Indian Scooters Update

India is definitely the place to watch for new developments in scooters. China may be making big headway with electric scooters, but India leads the way in ridership of combustion engine scooters and small motorcycles. With the enormous market for those two-wheeled vehicles - the author linked below refers to 40-million new units a year -  all the big brands want to outdo each other. Of late, Honda has been one of the most aggressive companies in the two-wheeled market with new models coming out all the time.

So when Honda sent this invite out signalling a new mystery product to be introduced June 12the, speculation among India bloggers took flight. The best guess seems to a new 125 cc scooter to compete with products like Vespa.

 Honda graphic

India is also a great spot to watch for how scooters are marketed. I've written before about the bubbly ads and commercials that target young female riders and the attempts by companies to come up with scooters that will be "manly" enough to get young males off motorcycles and on to scooters.

I missed this story when it first came out but I include it now to show that scooter makers in India are still doing what they can to bring female riders on side. This is not part of the lollipop, pink-is-best ad campaign but a workshop on scooters - by Honda again - cleverly billed as "Self'-Defence Training Camp and Road Safety." Using phrases like "truly independent" and "in control of their lives," India Honda VP Y.S. Guleria, shows he understands the value of marketing safety to women who travel alone in a country where the face high risks.

The story Honda Supports Women Empowerment in Delhi, shown below appeared on a website called Motoraids and was written by Yatharth Singh Chauchan.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) has kick-started its latest initiative towards ‘Women Empowerment’ in Delhi.
Recognizing the urgent need to help females feel empowered & independent on roads, Honda has collaborated with Delhi Police for ‘Self Defence Training Camp’ & Road safety workshop.
The unique ‘Self Defence Training Camp’ for women started on May 14 and will be held till May 22, 2013 across 3 venues at Delhi – Model Town (Kirpal Bagh Ashram, Kingsway Camp), Nanak Pura (Training hall, Special Police Unit for Women & Children) and Jamia Millia Islamia University (Sports Complex). Additionally, looking at summer breaks in schools and universities, new registrations will commence from 17th May at the fourth venue, that is, Sneh International School, Rajdhani Enclave, near Karkari Mor where the camp will be held from May 20- June 5, 2013.
HMSI is conducting road safety education exclusively for women during these camps by:
Aiding females who are first time riders in grasping the basics of 2Wheeler riding through Honda’s imported Riding trainer machine. It simulates over 110 potentially hazardous traffic conditions and increases Rider’s ability to predict dangers in a safe and practical manner.
Trained Safety riding instructors from Honda are making them familiar with vehicle by training them on Mounting Dismounting tips & basic Riding
Posture Training on automatic scooters.
Additionally, Honda is offering a unique registration opportunity for females who want to learn two-Wheeler riding. The free of cost training will take place soon across various Traffic Parks in Delhi in association with Honda.

Elaborating on Honda’s latest collaboration, Mr. Y. S. Guleria, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd., said “As a socially responsible 2Wheeler company, Honda strongly celebrates the fact that today every female wants to feel truly independent, empowered and in control of their lives. Till date, Honda has empowered over 12,000 women and aims to further promote safe riding among women through such collaborations.”
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