Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Winter without a scooter

It's been such an unusual winter in Toronto this year that I wish I'd kept my scooter ready for a ride on those stunning days when the temperature reaches 10, 12 even 15 Celsius. On one Saturday in January when the temperature was 14 I took my battery off the charger and put it back in the scooter. Sadly, the battery is old and failing (I'm trying not to see any symbolism here) and wasn't strong enough to start the bike.

But I'd been watching scooters zip by me in the city for days, even on wretchedly cold ones and I wanted desperately to have a winter ride. I drove my car to Canadian Tire to see if they had a battery; they didn't have one in stock but directed me to a store further away that did. It all seemed crazy to me then: driving all over the city for a battery I'd probably use once and have to keep charged until spring so I did the sensible thing, drove home and finally put the cover over my scooter in the garage. Now it's out of sight and almost out of mind. On my list of why I don't like Canadians winters: ice, cold, darkness, I now add: being without my scooter.

While my scooter riding is in hiatus I'm putting this blog on blocks as well. I don't know if I will return to it. (I have other blogs in mind so stay tuned) But when I see a story like the one below I know I want to continue exploring the connection between women's mobility and their rights in the world. And I'd love to think about that while riding a scooter here and wherever I can get to this year.

So until spring...


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